What to Expect

The primary goal of your Naturopathic Doctor (ND) is to help you and to offer you a customized approach to healthcare. Your NDs assessment will include a thorough case history of your presenting condition, a physical examination, collection and review of blood work with possible recommendations for further testing and referral to appropriate healthcare providers as needed, and review of prior imaging and consultation notes from other members of your healthcare team.

The primary reason your ND is a valuable adjunct to your current team of primary healthcare providers is because they are trained to use a wide range of therapies which may include: clinical nutritional counseling, botanical/herbal medicinals, homeopathic medicine, asian medicine and acupuncture, physical and hydrotherapy and lifestyle counselling.

Your ND is trained in the use of Western and Eastern medical frameworks, philosophies and diagnostics, the result is usually a better understanding of how the two medical paradigms integrate and complement one another and therefore result in improved patient outcomes.

We invite you to experience for yourself the health benefits you can receive from Naturopathic Medical care.