Who Can Benefit

Those who will benefit from Naturopathic Medical services are those who are:

  1. Interested in preventive health.
  2. Would like to maintain or improve their current level of health and wellbeing.
  3. Experiencing recurrent symptoms.
  4. Dealing with a chronic health condition that may or may not be completely solved by conventional medicine alone.
  5. At a standstill in their improvement.
  6. Feeling as if they do not know what else to do to “better” their condition.
  7. Feeling unwell even in the face of “normal” physiological, laboratory or physical examination findings.
  8. Have family, friends, colleagues who have worked with a Naturopathic Doctor and have seen an improvement in their symptoms and quality of life.
  9. Aware of what needs to be shifted in their lives to feel better, but require some additional coaching, suggestions, encouragement and some helpful tools to achieve a perceived level of ideal health.
  10. Looking for effective, sustainable long-term strategies for the maintenance of health.

It takes time to get better, particularly if you are someone who has spent many years battling a chronic medical condition. For every year you have had your condition/illness, it would be reasonable to expect at least one month of self-care to allow yourself to heal.

Naturopathic medicine can help you with careful monitoring, collaboration with all your other healthcare team members, persistent and continued efforts on your behalf and if there are ongoing discussions and feedback occurring about your experiences.

Let’s connect! We are here to help you have a pleasant in-office and virtual naturopathic consultation. Please call our North York Clinic or Waterdown Clinic, or email us at naturopathiccare@drjudynd.com. Let us know what times are best to connect with you. We will be in touch with you within 24 hours.

Providing Naturopathic Support for Family Medicine, Restorative Reproductive Health and Chronic Disease Management, Naturally!

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