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My name is Judy Ancheta Goguen, and I am a licensed Naturopathic Doctor practicing in North York and Waterdown, Ontario. I grew up in Oakville, and I completed my Honours Bachelor of Science at McMaster University in Hamilton, after which I attended the Canadian College of Naturopathic Medicine in North York. I have been joyfully practicing as a Naturopathic Doctor since 2011. I am an active registrant with the College of Naturopaths Ontario, and I have professional memberships with the Canadian Association of Naturopathic Doctors and Ontario Association of Naturopathic Doctors.

It is my incredible pleasure to be of service to you as you embark on this journey of life-long health. There is no greater joy than seeing those I am working with, with a beaming smile, in a better mood, reporting improved energy levels and physical health. I create individualized treatment plans for you that extends beyond basic symptom management and looks at the entirety of your health.

Those who know me well, will tell you I am passionate about advocating for the health and well-being of the wonderful people I serve in a way that is practical and sustainable. The way I see it, if your care plan is neither practical or sustainable, there is a good chance that it will be difficult for you to stay the course and maintain health promoting practices into your later years. My experience comes from knowing and living this truth, being a working mother of 3 beautiful children, juggling all, while still feeling blessed to greet each day as it comes.

I have worked alongside my deeply respected colleagues in Medicine for as long as I have been a Naturopathic Doctor (ND), and well before I became a ND! As I have worked in various medical settings, I value interprofessional, interdisciplinary discussions and collaboration to ensure you are receiving the best possible naturopathic care and support.

As I eat, live and breathe my passion for health, I am often spotted in and around the neighbourhood speaking on an array of health topics that contribute to the solid foundations for health.

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I am a proud second generation Canadian Filipino, who laughs very loudly! I understand Tagalog fairly fluently, but can only respond in English! I understand what the real challenges are of implementing a healthy “North American” diet, particularly for those individuals with culinary skills from around the world. Vegetables do not have to be bland, and they do not need to change the special flavours of important cultural dishes. I can help you incorporate healthier alternatives to enhance the health benefits of many tasty cultural dishes, and I can also help make sure they are also nutrient-dense! I love all things food-related, and I wish I had more time to immerse myself more deeply in all of the beautiful cultures and traditions from around the world.

I am passionate about helping picky eaters, and about cultivating varied, nutrient-dense food cravings in children and adults alike! My experience comes from having a spouse who is likely the pickiest of eaters, and I have three children, who despite the same upbringing, respectively have a preference for being an omnivore, a vegetarian and a carnivore! I understand the challenges of making healthy and satisfying meals to prevent a herd of hangry persons. I know how much time goes in to preparing day-to-day meals, and I can empathize with persons who also struggle to carve out the time and energy to cook and clean-up after lovingly making homemade meals. I am a home cook myself, and have strategies that can ease any obstacles or mental blocks you are experiencing. If you are reading this, and you have a this is me!” moment, look no further, I do understand where you are coming from and I can help you.

I love all things family, and when I am not enjoying an epic playdate with my 3 children, I am scoping out the latest research pertaining to all things related to health (my second love!)

Practical community health promotion is important to me. I have been a community volunteer for some of the most incredible organizations for over 25 years and counting. I currently am a volunteer Instructor with the award-winning, internationally recognized Roots of Empathy Program. This program teaches elementary school-aged children about emotional literacy, which I believe is foundational for the health of our children and future.

I am passionate about contributing to the services provided by St. Marguerite Bourgeoys FertilityCare Toronto (MBFC). I have been a volunteer board member for MBFC’s not-for-profit organization since 2019, and I have provided naturopathic support to this community since 2014. Even for those who are not intending to become pregnant, it is incredible how much you can learn about the health of your body, by becoming body literate. I am a Natural Family Planning Aware-Naturopathic Doctor and I really strongly believe health starts before conception.

I am an avid learner, and it is with much pleasure that I was invited to be a peer-reviewer for the first Canadian Journal of Naturopathic Medicine, which assesses alternative and complementary medicine manuscripts and the latest advancements in Naturopathic Medicine clinical research, treatment strategies and safety considerations.

My previously published contributions have been in the Naturopathic Doctor News and Review (NDNR) Journal entitled Naturopathic Care & Pain: Lessons from an Interdisciplinary Medical Practice. These pieces released in July 2016 and September 2016 highlight my passion for the advancement of interprofessional initiatives, and comment on my experience utilizing the full spectrum of naturopathic tools to support medicine’s goal of addressing the fundamental causes of disease and addressing the whole person through individualized treatment. It discusses the real challenges working and learning together within the clinical context of an interventional chronic pain management team setting. Though pain management is not the only focus I have now as I have evolved in my practice as a Naturopathic Doctor, I do draw from many of my experiences from here, as it taught me the importance of treating not only our patient, but to extend care to those important persons who support them. I have been on a mission to especially nurture our nurturers.

I was one of only 10 Naturopathic Doctors selected in 2019 to represent Canadian Naturopathic Doctors’ practices. My case contributions were analyzed alongside my esteemed colleagues internationally and published in the BMC Complementary Medicine and Therapies Journal in February 2020, entitled Overview of International Naturopathic Practice and Patient Characteristics: Results from a Cross-Sectional Study in 14 Countries with Naturopathic Doctor Principal Investigator, Dr. Amie Steel, which you should check out!

It is with much pleasure that I share with you, I was nominated alongside 12 Naturopathic colleagues for the Burlington Reader’s Choice Award for Best Naturopath, Best Acupuncturist and Best Nutritionist (2017 – 2023). In 2023, I received diamond recognition in the community in each of these categories for the third year, which is a true honour. I have also been the recipient of the Character Community Foundation of York Region Award (2014), which recognizes individuals committed to nurturing positive character attributes, making York Region a desirable place to live, learn, work and play.

Who Comes to See Me

I treat persons from all walks of life, from preconception to the elderly. I do not shy away from challenging and difficult cases that have plateaued in terms of progress, and if you are one of these persons, I am here for you!

My style of whole person care stems from my own personal experiences being a receiver of Medicine’s care, and witnessing close family members and friends mediate various challenges as healthcare consumers. It is with this perspective, having experienced the plight of the modern patient, that I bring a unique voice, style of practice, planning and compassion that looks at the entirety of a person’s health, rather than piece meal. I feel it is my vocation to ease suffering, where possible. My care is highly influenced by my experiences interacting with some of the most beautiful souls as a life-long volunteer, which cannot otherwise be taught.

Why You Want To See Me

You are a person who believes strongly in finding supportive healthcare team members who want you to live a life full of vitality and health, and you are motivated to do what you are able, to contribute to this.

You also have a great appreciation for our health care system, and are searching for a health care provider that values collaboration. You are looking for practical recommendations to support (and enhance!) your current healthcare plan.

You want a care plan that is individualized to you, and is delivered by a healthcare provider who strives to deliver person-centered care, when you need it the most.

You are moving through life’s transitions and you want to discuss the next steps in your healthcare journey as you continue to evolve.

You wish to be proactive in your healthcare goals and you would like to be sharper than ever, walk (possibly run!) gracefully into your later years.

Thank you in advance for your confidence and for the opportunity to hear your story, get to know you, your family members, friends and colleagues. It is my deep honour to be a part of your healthcare team, and I hope our work together inspires you to live your best life!

Let’s connect! We are here to help you have a pleasant in-office and virtual naturopathic consultation. Please call our North York Clinic or Waterdown Clinic, or email us at naturopathiccare@drjudynd.com. Let us know what times are best to connect with you. We will be in touch with you within 24 hours.

Providing Naturopathic Support for Family Medicine, Restorative Reproductive Health and Chronic Disease Management, Naturally!

Dr. J. Ancheta Goguen, Naturopathic Doctor 2023

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