Nutritional Analysis

In your initial consultation, Dr. Ancheta will take a complete history and will discuss with you the health goals you have identified in your Initial Intake form.  At the end of your first session Dr. Ancheta will leave you with some recommendations which may include, but is not limited to, nutritional intake, dietary and lifestyle changes, hydrotherapy treatment recommendations, and supplement recommendations if deemed necessary before your second appointment.

Over the course of your second- and follow-up consultations, Dr. Ancheta will complete a physical exam to check the baseline health of your heart, lungs, abdomen, eyes and extremities, as well as conduct any additional physical examination tests that may be necessary to investigate depending on your concerns and health goals.  Follow-up appointments will involve reassessing your personalized plan and making any necessary additions or changes.  The frequency of visits and treatments will be based on the nature of the your imbalances and on your healthcare goals.  Depending on your presentation, botanical tinctures and herbs may be discussed to aid you with your progress.  Dr. Ancheta may also discuss with you the use of homeopathic remedies, Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) remedies and acupuncture to clear blocked passages, massage therapy, or consultations with other licensed healthcare providers and/or a certified exercise physiologist to enhance your treatment progress.

In-office, Dr. Ancheta will collect all the needed information about you and provide you with a detailed analysis about your body composition and nutritional intake.

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