The Relationship Between Stress and Dis-ease

I am extremely excited to be attending this year’s Ontario Association of Naturopathic Doctors Convention 2012.

There are a number of highly respected and knowledgeable keynote speakers who will be contributing to discussion on the pervasive Stress Epidemic: New Connections Between Etiologies and Disease.

I am particularly excited to hear Dr. Caldwell Esselstyne, MD who will be discussing the Coronary Artery Epidemic: How to Make Yourself Heart Attack Proof!  Dr. Esselstyne, who you perhaps have heard of associated with the film Forks Over Knives (more on this terrific film, later!) sends a powerful message I wanted to in turn share with you:

“The seismic revolution in health that we are on the cusp of:

Will never come about from another pill.
Will never come about from developing another procedure.
Will never come about from another operation.

The seismic revolution in health that will end all these common chronic killing diseases – is when we in the profession have the will, the grip, integrity and determination to share with the public the lifestyle and nutritional strategies that will protect them from these illnesses. I think it is absolutely unconscionable when patients with these illnesses are not informed of this option.”

Are you inspired as I am?  I simply cannot wait to share this information with you shortly.

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