Fertility-Aware Naturopathic Medicine Support

A Natural and Restorative Approach to Family Planning – An Effective, But Underutilized Strategy

As we emerge out of a pandemic that changed the face of medicine, many persons who previously put their family planning decisions on hold, have resumed these conversations to expand or delay the decision to have children. As a fertility-aware Naturopathic Doctor, now more than ever before, women and couples want natural and restorative solutions to help meet their reproductive health care needs.

Trying to conceive, especially following a world changing pandemic with diverted resources, can be emotionally, physically, psychologically, and financially taxing for women and couples. If you have not come across this already, I recommend all to consider learning about the Creighton Model System (CrMS). This Natural Family Planning (NFP) method is an empowering health strategy for those wishing to have children. In addition, the information from this chart may be used to help those wanting to space out the births of their children, or for those wishing to delay expanding their family. In my opinion, it is an underutilized tool for those exploring alternative solutions and options for family planning.

Start with the Chart

The Creighton Model FertilityCare System (CrMS) was developed by Dr. Thomas Hilgers, MD, medical consultant in obstetrics, gynecology, reproductive medicine and surgery. This is an evidence-based charting method centered on the knowledge and understanding of the naturally occurring phases of a woman’s fertility and infertility. This charting system is taught by registered practitioners associated with the American FertilityCare Centres of America, and it is taught to women and couples interested in utilizing standardized observations of a woman’s biological markers to monitor gynecological and reproductive health for family planning.

Receive a Restorative Reproductive Assessment

Natural Procreative Technology (NaPro) is the analysis of the CrMS by trained Medical Consultants.  It can be used to identify, evaluate and treat gynecological and reproductive disorders causing infertility, including hormonal imbalances in the follicular and luteal phase.  Standardized observations noting biological markers, including the quality and quantity of a woman’s cervical mucus provide insights about how to maximize chances of conception to achieve, circumvent or delay pregnancy given each woman’s unique menstrual and fertility cycle.

The Benefits of this System are Numerous!

The CrMS and NaPro assessment emphasizes respect, effective communication and a deep appreciation for both partners and their combined fertility.  The result?  Happier couples connecting on a more profound level who share the most intimate details of their bodies.  This ultimately leads to decreased stress, a tenderness towards one’s partner, motivation to be healthier together, pleasurable sex and stronger, resilient relationships.  Nothing has been more humbling as a healthcare provider than to witness this healthful relationship transformation, especially in cases where relationships have struggled with trying to conceive for numerous years, and where sex may have become a stressful physical interaction between partners hoping to achieve pregnancy.

Enhance Your Treatment Plan with Fertility-Aware Naturopathic Medical Support

A fertility-aware Naturopathic Doctor with experience working with CrMS Practitioners and NaPro Medical Consultants can be of assistance to persons exploring their options for family planning. The various tools Naturopathic Doctors (NDs) utilize in practice, including comprehensive laboratory testing, medicinal food recommendations, herbal medicine, nutraceuticals, and acupuncture may be used to enhance concurrent treatment plans a NaPro Medical Consultant provides given the patient’s varying needs and preferences for treatment care plan.

Even if specific medicines or medical treatments are warranted because of the finding of physical abnormalities that can only be helped with surgical care (eg. scar tissues in the uterus or fallopian tubes), naturopathic care can help families implement, in a sustainable and achievable way, lifestyle recommendations to improve reproductive and overall health to minimize systemic inflammation that may have contributed to this development. Botanical medicines and targeted nutrients can also be used to enhance prescribed medications in line with what is analyzed in the women’s CrMS chart and may resonate with those persons looking for this type of integrative care.

There are factors beyond conception and the physical act of intercourse involved in family planning.  If you have not already considered this option, perhaps this restorative approach to family planning is something you might like to explore.  It can make the world of a difference in transforming your experience.  Just ask our patients!


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Dr. J. Ancheta Goguen, Naturopathic Doctor 2023

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